Annual Business Meeting, 2014

The annual business TCPA meeting was held on January 24 in Nashville, and resulted in some important changes for the organization. The membership of TCPA elected three new at-large Board positions, and also filled the offices of the President-elect and Secretary/Treasurer. The updated list of TCPA board members is available here. Also during the meeting, long-time TCPA President and adviser Kevin Smith turned over leadership of the organization to the incoming President, Dr. Tanya Peres. Dr. Smith’s leadership has been critical to the organization for many years, and we hope he will be an active participant in TCPA for many years to come!

TCPA Membership - updated  1-27-14.xlsxAs of January 25, 2014, TCPA has 77 members.   These include 40 renewing members, 7 prior members rejoining the organization, and 27 new members. A complete breakdown of the roles members play in the archaeology of Tennessee is presented in the graph to the left.

Also at the annual business meeting, Board member Jared Barrett proposed that the organization contact our legislators and promote nominating the Mississippian statue “Sandy” as the official  artifact of Tennessee. Sandy is one of the best-known artifacts from the state, and has appeared in Time Magazine and on a US Postage Stamp. This motion passed unanimously, and Jared will keep us informed as to the progress of this effort.