30 Days of Tennessee Archaeology 2014 – the Day After

Tanya M. Peres, PhD, RPA
President, TCPA
Associate Professor, Middle Tennessee State University

I think we can all agree that “30 Days of Tennessee Archaeology” Blogfest was an overwhelming success! The blogfest started out as the brainchild of TCPA Secretary/Treasurer Aaron Deter-Wolf, and the TCPA Board members quickly agreed this would be a fun way to raise the visibility of archaeology across the state. This endeavor was successful due to Aaron’s steadfast organization and scheduling of contributors and posts. However, we couldn’t have had a blogfest without the contributors and readers! Thanks to everyone that took the time to share with us a glimpse of their archaeological world. Thanks to the readers for their interest in the subject and their support for this project.

I thought it would interesting (and heck, a little geeky) to share some of the metrics for the success of the blogfest. After all, I am a scientist, and scientists like numbers! We actually have two sets of metrics to look at: those for the WordPress site, and those for Facebook.

  • The new TCPA website was launched in late January, 2014.
  • Between February and August 2014, we averaged 108 unique visitors and 299 views per month, with peak traffic in March (324 visitors / 560 views, which corresponded to the State Artifact bill being signed into law).
  • In September 2014, our site had nearly 3,300 unique visitors and a total of nearly 7,000 views.
  • The number of visitors peaked on September 12, with 639 visitors viewing or sharing the posts by TCPA President-Elect Phil Hodge and Executive Board Member Dr. Shannon Hodge.
  • The post on the Nashville Zoo cemetery by Shannon Hodge has had a total of 1,166 views since it went live on September 11.
WordPress statistics for January 1 - September 30

WordPress statistics for January 1 – September 30, 2014

As far as Facebook, the September 11 post by Shannon Hodge reached the news feed of 2,029 people, followed by the September 18 post by Larry McKee and Hannah Guidry (also on the Nashville Zoo) reached 1,933 people, the September 12 post by Phil Hodge (1,521 people), and the Day 29 (9/29) post by Paul Avery reached 1,220 people. The other posts during the month averaged 400-500 people reached.

During the month of September, the TCPA Facebook page increased in “Likes” by 15%. We also saw an increase of the number of people interacting with our posts on FB during the month of September.

Likes, Comments, Shares on FB, January 1, 2014 to September 30, 2014.

Likes, Comments, Shares on FaceBook, January 1, 2014 to September 30, 2014.

If you didn’t get a chance to contribute this year – not to worry – “30 Days of Tennessee Archaeology” will be back in September 2015!