The RPA Affiliated Societies Program

At the Annual Business meeting last month, TCPA member and president of the Register for Professional Archaeologists (RPA) Pat Garrow presented information about a new initiative through the RPA known as the Affiliated Societies Program.  That program is open to state level archaeological professional councils, state archaeological societies, and regional, national, and international archaeological societies which embrace the Register’s Code of Conduct and Standards of Research Performance as their own statement on ethics, and payment of an annual fee to the Register based on the size of their membership.

For those unfamiliar with the RPA, that organization is a listing of archaeologists who have agreed to abide by an explicit code of conduct and standards of research performance, who hold a graduate degree in archaeology, anthropology, art history, classics, history, or another germane discipline and who have completed a thesis or dissertation (or its equivalent) that addresses a substantive archaeological research question. The RPA was established on the premise that the privilege of professional practice of archaeology requires professional morality and professional responsibility, as well as professional competence, on the part of each practitioner. Consequently, the RPA and its more than 2,600 members seek “the establishment and acceptance of universal professional standards in archaeology.”

Becoming an RPA-Affiliated Society presents the membership of that society with several tangible benefits. To begin with, members of RPA-Affiliated Societies who are not members of the Society for Historical Archaeology, Society for American Archaeology, American Anthropological Association, or the Archaeological Institute of America, will be eligible to join the RPA for an annual registration fee of $75 – a $50 savings over the normal unaffiliated fee. Applicants must still meet the RPA’s qualifications for registration. In addition, When a society becomes RPA-Affiliated in 2015, all members who register with the RPA for the first time are eligible for the annual registration fee of $75. All society members who are already registered as unaffiliated registrants will be able to take advantage of the $75 annual fee in 2016.

Following the presentation to the TCPA Business Meeting, a motion was introduced that the organization become an RPA-Affiliated Society. That motion was approved by voice vote, and TCPA is currently in the process of becoming RPA affiliated.