SEAC 2017!

coverThe 73rd Annual Meeting of the Southeastern Archaeological Conference will take place in Athens, Georgia from October 26-29, 2016. As always, the conference features a fantastic slate of papers, posters, and presentations on the archaeology of the American Southeast. You can download the complete program for the meeting here.

Once again this year the TCPA is putting forth a strong showing. Current members are listed as authors on 15 papers, 10 posters, are participating in a round table, and are also acting discussants for two organized sessions.  For those attending, we’ve compiled a list below – please let us know if we left anyone off!


[3] Symposium: A Ritual Gathering: Celebrating the Work of Cheryl Claassen (PARTHENON ONE)

8:00 Wright, Alice and Maureen Meyers, Scholar, Mentor, Pioneer: Cheryl Claassen’s Contributions to Southeastern Archaeology

9:40 Peres, Tanya and Aaron Deter-Wolf, Deciphering Archaic Bundles in the Archaeological Record of the Southeastern US

10:20 Bissett, Thaddeus, Stephen Carmody, and Shane Miller, Changing channels: Considering the effects of river channel migration on shellbearing site histories

[6] General Session: Geophysical, Geochemical and 3-D modeling Studies (ATHENA C) 

8:20 Menzer, Jeremy and Jay D. Franklin, Pile Mound Take Two: Continuing Archaeological Investigations Through Geophysics and Excavations at the Mississippian Mound Site, Upper Cumberland Plateau, Tennessee

[7] General Session: Cherokee Studies (ATHENA D )

8:00 Morse, Leah and Jay D. Franklin, A Preliminary Analysis of the 15th-Century Ceramic Assemblage from the Cane Notch Site

[9] Poster Session 8:00 am—12:00pm (ATHENA F )

9.4 Crothers, George, Scott Rivas, Renee Walker, Tanya Peres, Bonnie Styles, Sarah Neusius, Finding the “X” Factor: Defining Environmental Demographic and Cultural Influences on Aquatic Resources during the Eastern Archaic

9.5 Patchen, Anna and Stephen Carmody, Archaic Plant Use in Western Tennessee: Preliminary Data from the PEARL Project

9.8 Merrick, Megan and Tanya Peres, Artifact Analysis of Two Archaic Pits

9.17 Harle, Michaelyn and Giovanna Vidoli, The Great Divide: Population Structures and gene Flow in Late Prehistoric Tennessee

9.19 Ledford, Kelly and Tanya Peres, Show Us Your (Turkey) Legs: Crowdsourcing Data to Document Wild Turkey Population Management in the Southeastern US

9.22 Grap, Rachel Michelle, Jay D. Franklin, and Eileen G. Ernenwein, Archaeological Geophysics and Ceramic Analysis of Rotherwood, a Mississippian Site in Northeast Tennessee


[10] General Session: Landscapes (OLYMPIA ONE)

1:40 Sherwood, Sarah, Alice Wright, Stephen Carmody, Edward Henry, Casey Barrier, and Christopher Van de Ven, The Pinson Environment and Archaeology Regional Landscape Project (PEARL)

[12] Symposium: Coles Creek Archaeology (PARTHENON ONE)

2:00 Meeks, Scott C., Keith J. Little, Hunter B. Johnson, and Kandace R. Hollenbach, Migration, Coalescence, and Mississippian Developments in the Yazoo Basin: Perspectives from a Non-Mound Site


[23] Symposium: Current Research in Southeastern Bioarchaeology (OLYMPIA TWO)

2:40 Hodge, Shannon, Discussant

[26] Round Table: Solving Problems with Regulatory Archaeology: Some Efficient and Effective Solutions (ATHENA A) 

8:40 Hodge, Phil, Section 106 and Transportation Projects since the Great Recession: A View from Tennessee

 [29] General Session: Lithic Studies (ATHENA C)

9:40 Tune, Jesse, Investigating Clovis Blade Technology at the Sinclair Site (40WY111), Tennessee

[31] Poster Session: 8:00am—12:00pm (ATHENA F) 

31.15 Weitzel, Elic M., Brian F. Codding, David W. Zeanah, and Stephen B. Carmody, Population Packing Prior to Initial Domestication in Eastern North America

31.19 Miller, D. Shane, Jesse W. Tune, Kelsey J. Meer, J. Ryan Young, and Derek T. Anderson, The Swag Site (38AL137): Another Paleoindian Site at the Allendale Quarries?


[32] Symposium: Growing Lost Crops: Insights into the Eastern Agricultural Complex from Living Plants (OLYMPIA TWO)

4:40 Horton, Elizabeth T. and Stephen B. Carmody, A Tale of Two Gardens: Integrating Paleoethnobotanical Research and Public Archeology

[39] Poster Session: 1:00—5:00pm (ATHENA F)

39.3 Bolte, Christina L., Marsha Welch, Lauren Woelkers, Lucinda Langston Dockstader, and Jay D. Franklin, The ETSU Valleybrook Archaeological Education and Curation Center: Applied Archaeology Education, Public Outreach, and Confronting the National Curation Crisis

39.11 Schweickart, Eric and Meagan Dennison, Turtles, Traps, and Tides: Turtle Acquisition and Decision-Making Processes in the Antebellum Lowcountry


[41] Symposium: Shamans, Priests, Practice, Belief: Archaeological Examinations of Religion and Ritual in the Eastern Woodlands (OLYMPIA TWO) 

Organizers: Stephen B. Carmody and Casey R. Barrier

1:00 Bow, Sierra, The Painted Past: Understanding the Manifestation of Mississippian Religion through Paint in the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky

1:40 Carmody, Stephen, Ryan Hunt, Jon Russ, and Jera R. Davis, Smoke Signals: Identifying and Interpreting Ritual Tobacco Use in Prehistory

2:00 Hollenbach, Kandace and Stephen Carmody, Cultivating Rituals: Woodland Gardens and Imbued Landscapes


[45] Symposium: Mississippian Archaeology of the Middle Cumberland Region of Tennessee (OLYMPIA ONE) 

Organizer: J. Scott Jones

1:00 Jones, J. Scott, Interpretation of the Structure and Variation of Middle Cumberland Mississippian Stone-box Cemeteries

1:20 Deter-Wolf, Aaron, Sunny Fleming, and Sarah Levithol Eckhardt, and William Lawrence, Return to the “Great Mound Group”: New Investigations of the Mound Bottom/Pack Landscape

2:00 Moore, Michael, Archaeology in the Little Harpeth River Drainage: A Reanalysis of the Inglehame Farm Site (40WM342), Williamson County, Tennessee

2:20 Guidry, Hannah and Sarah Levithol Eckhardt, A Descriptive Account of Two Prehistoric Burial Removal Projects in the Nashville Area

4:20 Smith, Kevin, Discussant