30 Days of Tennessee Archaeology, 2020

September 2020 is the seventh annual TCPA-sponsored celebration of Tennessee Archaeology Awareness Month (TAAM). To celebrate Tennessee’s archaeological heritage TCPA has organized another great “30 Days of Tennessee Archaeology” blogfest. Starting September 1st, a new daily blog post can be found using the index below.

As always, thanks to all the bloggers helping to promote and preserve Tennessee’s unique archaeological heritage!

Day 1: Welcome to the 30 Days of Tennessee Archaeology Blogfest 2020 -President’s Welcome (by Kandi Hollenbach)

Day 2: The Moss-Wright Site: An Early Mississippian Village in the Nashville Basin (by Scott Jones)

Day 3: From Clovis Points to Camo Archaeology on Fort Campbell (by Nichole Sorensen-Mutchie)

Day 4: Introducing the Re-Centering Southeastern Archaeology – An Equitability Project (by Project Team Members)

Day 5: A Virtual Tour of Sellars Farm State Archaeological Area (by Megan E. Belcher)

Day 6: Underwater Archaeology in Tennessee (by Morgan Smith)

Day 7: Reflections on NAGPRA in Tennessee (by Ellen Lofaro)

Day 8: Updates from Mound Bottom State Archaeological Area (by Aaron Deter-Wolf)

Day 9: Unearthing Convict Leasing in Southern Middle Tennessee (by Camille Westmont)

Day 10: Davenport Cemetery (by Matt Davis and Kimber Cheek)

Day 11: Sourcing the Paleoindian and Early Archaic Component of the Sims Collection (by Ryan Parish and Adam Finn)

Day 12: Archaeological Investigations at Fort Negley Park (40DV189) (by Mark Babin, Jillian Rael, and Travis Rael)

Day 13: The Importance of Salt and Mineral Springs in Tennessee History (by Paul Eubanks)

Day 14: The 2020 Tennessee Archaeology Awareness Month Poster: 50 Years of the Tennessee Division of Archaeology (by Phil Hodge)

Day 15: Great Smoky Mountains National Park Abandoned Mine Lands Archaeological Survey (by Valerie E. Altizer, Howard J. Cyr, and Ellen M. Lofaro)

Day 16: CCC Camp Kinchen Survey (by Garrett Wamack)

Day 17: The White’s Creek Mound Site (by Travis Rael)

Day 18: Nashville Parthenon, archaeological awareness, & COVID-19 (by Katie Petrole)

Day 19: Alcohol / Moonshine Still Sites in Tennessee (by Jared Barrett)

Day 20: The Legacy of George Woods (1842-1912): The First Black Archaeology Field Tech in Tennessee (by Giovanna Vidoli)

Day 21: New Explorations at Russell Cave (by Sarah Sherwood)

Day 22: Archaeological Testing at the Montgomery Bell CCC Camp (by Daniel Brock)

Day 23: Integrating LiDAR and Multi-Instrument Geophysical Surveys into a Landscape-scale Geospatial Analysis of the Johnston Site at Pinson Mounds State Archaeological Park (by Edward Henry, Alice Wright, Sarah Sherwood, Stephen Carmody, Casey Barrier, and Christopher Van de Ven)

Day 24: Tennessee River Lifeways: Phase II Testing at 40HS171 (by James N. Greene)

Day 25: Probing Deeper into the Archaic Period at David Crockett Birthplace State Park (by Reagan Cornett and Eileen Ernenwein)

Day 26: TDOA Site File Update (by Paige Silcox)

Day 27: UTC Archaeology Program Update (by Morgan Smith, Kiley Olds, and Taylor Wells)

Day 28: 12th Unnamed Cave and 3D Modeling of Cave Art (by Jordan Schaefer)

Day 29: Community Archaeology at the Oddfellows Cemetery, Knoxville (by Katherine Parker)

Day 30: Historic Preservation on Public Lands in Tennessee (by Hobart Akin)

Day 31: That’s All Folks! Thanks for a Great 2020 Blogfest (by Kandi Hollenbach)