30 Days of Tennessee Archaeology, 2017


September 2017 is the fourth-annual TCPA-sponsored celebration of Tennessee Archaeology Awareness Month.  Join us throughout the month of September as we learn more about Tennessee’s prehistoric and historic past through the study of Archaeology! Many thanks yet again to all the participants helping to promote and preserve Tennessee’s unique archaeological heritage!

Day 1: Welcome to TAAM! (Phil Hodge)

Day 2: Exploring the Mineral Springs at the Castalian Springs Mound Site (Paul N. Eubanks)

Day 3: Brassfield Chert of the Western Valley, TN (Ryan M. Parish and Skip Cagle)

Day 4: PEARL Progress Report 2017: A Middle Woodland Midden (Alice Wright and Autumn Melby)

Day 5: Some Comments for DeSoto Freaks (Charles McNutt)

Day 6: Bringing Archaeology to the Public: An Archaeologist’s Efforts to do more Community Outreach (Sarah Levithol Eckhardt)

Day 7: The MTSU Rogan Family Project: Archaeology, Architecture, and History of Early Irish-Tennesseans (Kevin E. Smith)

Day 8: Tennessee Archaeological Site File 1992 – 2017 Highlights (Suzanne Hoyal)

Day 9: Archaic Shell-Bearing Sites in the Cumberland River Valley (Aaron Deter-Wolf)

Day 10: Hiwassee Island: Absorbed Residue Analysis and pXRF with Legacy Collection Ceramics (Erika Lyle)

Day 11: Archaeology at Rock Creek Mortar Shelter (40Pt209), Pickett State Park and Forest (Jay D. Franklin and Lauren Woelkers)

Day 12: Archaeological Geophysics at Runion, a Protohistoric Site on the Middle Nolichucky River (Eileen G. Ernenwein and Jay D. Franklin)

Day 13: Aunt Lou’s Place (Paul G. Avery)

Day 14: The Castalian Springs Mounds Eclipse Events – Mississippian Era and August 2017 (Kevin E. Smith)

Day 15: Root Cellars in Housing for Enslaved African Americans at The Hermitage (Larry McKee)

Day 16: A Lumper’s Take on Paleoindian and Early Archaic Projectile Points from the Mid-South (Shane Miller)

Day 17: Celestial Events, Rattlesnake Gorgets, and Lamar Incised Motifs from the Middle Nolichucky Valley (Nathan Shreve)

Day 18: Volunteer Day at the UT Archaeological Research Lab (Kandace D. Hollenbach)

Day 19: Eclipse across the Centuries: the 2017 Tennessee Archaeology Awareness Month Poster (Shannon Chappell Hodge)

Day 20: Using Drone-based Remote Sensing to Document Sites (Jesse W. Tune and Aaron Deter-Wolf)

Day 21: My Construction Project Has Discovered Human Remains: What Do I Do Now? (Michael C. Moore)

Day 22: Public Outreach at Pickett State Park (Travis Bow)

Day 23: Split-cane Technology from an Experimental Ethnoarchaeological Perspective (Megan King)

Day 24: The ETSU Valleybrook Archaeological Education and Curation Center (Lauren Woelkers and Jay D. Franklin)

Day 25: Archaic Period Lifeways and “Big Data” (Tanya Peres)

Day 26: Battle of Franklin Federal Forward Line near Carter House (Jared Barrett)

Day 27: Bringing Back a Special Place: The Rutherford County Archaeological Society’s Old City Cemetery Project  (Laura Bartel)

Day 28: Hiwassee Island: Partnering with Tribes to Ground Truth Geophysical Studies (Erin Pritchard)

Day 29: Continued Dog Burial Research in Tennessee (Meagan Dennison)

Day 30: The Bosley Cemetery Removal Project at The Dominican Campus of St. Cecilia Congregation in Nashville, TN (Jared Barrett)

Wrap-Up: TCPA in 2017: Connecting Past, Present, and Public (Phil Hodge)