30 Days of Tennessee Archaeology, 2018

TAAM 2018-1September 2018, is the fifth annual TCPA-sponsored celebration of Tennessee Archaeology Awareness Month (TAAM). To celebrate Tennessee’s archaeological heritage TCPA has organized the “30 Days of Tennessee Archaeology” blogfest. Each day a new blog post can be found using the index below. As always, thanks to all the participants helping to promote and preserve Tennessee’s unique archaeological heritage!

Day 1: Welcome! (Jared Barrett)

Day 2: The Completion of the Tennessee Rosenwald School Survey (Sarah Levithol-Eckhardt and Ben Nance

Day 3: MTSU’s 2018 Excavations at Castalian Springs (Paul Eubanks)

Day 4: TCPA Archaeology Day at Bell’s Bend Park (Paige Silcox, Sarah Levithol-Eckhardt, and Lauren Walls)

Day 5: Tennessee Archaeology Homeschool Program (Michael Miller)

Day 6: Being an Undergraduate Archaeologist in Tennessee (Katherine Brown)

Day 7: Ongoing Research at Mound Bottom State Archaeological Area (Aaron Deter-Wolf)

Day 8: The Buchanan House Site in Bells Bend, Nashville, Tennessee (Kathryn F. Moore)

Day 9: From Historic to Prehistoric Significance at the Carter Mansion in Elizabethton, Tennessee (Cayla M. Cannon and Eileen G. Ernenwein)

Day 10: An Unfortunate Consequence of NAGPRA for the Tennessee Division of Archaeology (Michael C. Moore)

Day 11: Thoughts on pre-Clovis Archaeology in Tennessee (Jesse W. Tune)

Day 12: Tennessee Division of Archaeology Digital Report Archive (Aaron Deter-Wolf)

Day 13: Across the Mountains: Sixteenth Century Spanish Presence in Upper East Tennessee (Nathan Shreve)

Day 14: University of Tennessee Anthropology and the Legacy of Walter Klippel (Jennifer Green and Meagan E. Dennison)

Day 15: Archaeological Curation – Why does it Matter? (Ellen M. Lofaro)

Day 16: New Dates, Old Archaeology: AMS Dating and WPA-Era Platform Mound Excavations across Southern Appalachia (Jacob Lulewicz)

Day 17: Archaeological Testing at the Runion Site (40Wg20), a Protohistoric Town on the Middle Nolichucky River, Tennessee (Jay Franklin)

Day 18: Surprise! A Newly Discovered Civil War Earthwork in Bedford County, Tennessee (Paul G. Avery)

Day 19: Archaeological Legacy Data at TDOT (Phil Hodge)

Day 20: Revisiting the Mialoquo Site (40MR3): Previous Archaeological Investigations and Current Research (Christian D. Allen)

Day 21: Farther Down the Nolichucky: New Research at David Crockett Birthplace State Park (Eileen G. Ernenwein and Reagan Cornett)

Day 22: KRF look-a-likes in Tennessee (Ryan M. Parish and Ellis Durham)

Day 23: Take This into Account: The Cultural Landscape of African American Community Formation Post-Emancipation (Zada Law)

Day 24: Investigations of Early Woodland Contexts at the 2018 UT Cherokee Farm Field School (Kandi Hollenbach)

Day 25: Astragalus Dice Games (David Dye)

Day 26: TDOA’s New Web-based Site Record Submission (Paige Silcox and Satin Platt)

Day 27: The Southern Appalachian Network Histories Project (Jacob Lulewicz)

Day 28: Bell Site Revisited: Archaeological Testing at 40RE1 (Erin Pritchard, Shawn Patch, and Lynne P. Sullivan)

Day 29: Year Two at the Pickett State Park Archaeology Museum and ETSU Archaeological Research Station (Lauren Christensen and Jay Franklin)

Day 30: Re-analyzing Copper-Alloy buttons from the Overhill Cherokee Towns (Eric Schweickart)

Wrap Up: 2018 30 Days of Tennessee Archaeology Blogfest (Jared Barrett)

Bonus Blog!: The Elusive Beakers of Western Tennessee (Melinda A. Martin)