30 Days of Tennessee Archaeology, 2016

September, 2016 marked the third-annual TCPA-sponsored celebration of Tennessee Archaeology Awareness Month (TAAM). Once again this year, the TCPA helped celebrate Tennessee’s archaeological heritage by organizing the “30 Days of Tennessee Archaeology” blogfest. You can find the daily posts via the blog page, or in the index below. Thanks yet again to all the participants helping to promote and preserve Tennessee’s unique archaeological heritage!

Tennessee Archaeology Awareness Month 2016

Day 1:  Welcome to TAAM / Introduction to the Blogfest (Phil Hodge)

Day 2: Tennessee Archaeology in Continental Perspective: Using DINAA to Examine Site Distributions by Time Period Across Eastern North America (David G. Anderson, Stephen Yerka, Eric Kansa, Sarah Whitcher Kansa, Kelsey Noack Myers, and Joshua Wells)

Day 3: The Paleoindian and Early Archaic Record in Tennessee (Jesse Tune)

Day 4: A Digital Recording System for Archaeological Survey (Danny Gregory)

Day 5: The Nonconnah Creek Conservancy (Ryan Parish)

Day 6: What is the Tennessee Division of Archaeology? (Mike Moore)

Day 7: Exploring Mississippian Period Paint through Chemical and Mineralogical Analyses (Sierra Bow)

Day 8: Geophysics, Burned Houses and Cherokee-Spanish Interactions at Cane Notch, Middle Nolichucky Valley, Tennessee (Eileen Ernenwein, Jay Franklin, and Nate Shreve)

Day 9: Twenty Years of Tennessee Archaeology Awareness Week and Month (Kevin Smith)

Day 10: Ongoing Digitization Efforts at the Tennessee Division of Archaeology (Paige Silcox and Aaron Deter-Wolf)

Day 11: Archaeology and Environmental Change at the End of the Ice Age (Jesse Tune)

Day 12: The Production of Prehistoric Turtle Shell Rattles in Tennessee (Andrew Gillreath-Brown)

Day 13: The 2016 Tennessee Archaeology Awareness Month Poster: Celebrating 50 Years of the National Historic Preservation Act and the Southeast Archeological Center, and 100 Years of the National Park Service (Meredith Hardy)

Day 14: Use-Wear and Bone Needle Tattoos (Aaron Deter-Wolf)

Day 15: The Rebel’s Rest Research Project (Sarah Sherwood)

Day 16: The Southeastern U.S. Ancient Turkey Project (Tanya Peres and Kelly Ledford)

Day 17: The Big Filter: Archaeological Site Files and Site Formation Theory in the Duck and Lower Tennessee Rivers (Shane Miller)

Day 18: A Skull Discovery in Downtown Nashville (Sarah Levithol Eckhardt)

Day 19: The Battle of Franklin Cotton Gin Project (Jared Barrett)

Day 20: John Broster’s Legacy and Influence on Tennessee Archaeology (Jesse Tune)

Day 21: Tennessee’s Woven Treasures (Edward Jolie and W. Rex Weeks)

Day 22: Archaeological Research and Protection during the Boone Reservoir Drawdown (Ted Wells, Jay Franklin, and Lauren Woelkers)

Day 23: Reflecting on ANCESTORS: Post Exhibition Discoveries and Future Research Directions (Kevin E. Smith)

Day 24: Excavations at 40KN334 Downtown Knoxville, Tennessee (Katherine Wright)

Day 25: Archival Research and Tennessee Archaeology: Chasing Down the Good Professor (Tracy Brown)

Day 26: This Women’s Work: Women in WPA Archaeology in the Tennessee Valley (Michaelyn Harle)

Day 27: Artifacts, Displays, and Public Archaeology: TDOT Honors Commitment to Install Exhibit in Perry County (Marsha Welch)

Day 28: Hiwassee Island Revisited: Using Non-Invasive Technology to Evaluate Archaeological Sites on TVA Land (Erin Pritchard)

Day 29: Middle Mississippian Archaeology at Pile Mound, Upper Cumberland Plateau, Tennessee (Jay Franklin and Jeremy Menzer)

Day 30: Scraping the Bowl: New Data on Prehistoric Tobacco Use in the Southeast (Stephen Carmody, Ryan Hunt, Jon Russ, Jera R. Davis, Natalie Prodanovich, Benjamin McKenzie, and Christopher Van de Ven)