30 Days of Tennessee Archaeology, 2014

In 2014, the TCPA re-launched Tennessee Archaeology Awareness Month with a series of programs, including the “30 Days of Tennessee Archaeology” blogfest. For the month of September, TCPA members and friends of the organization provided daily guest blog posts highlighting archaeological work throughout the state. We’ve compiled those posts in a handy index below. Our thanks goes out once again to all the contributors who shared their archaeological expertise and experiences for this project. Enjoy!

Welcome to the Blogfest!
Tanya M. Peres
President, Tennessee Council for Professional Archaeology
Tennessee’s Stone Resources and Prehistoric Behavior
Ryan M. Parish, PhD
Department of Earth Sciences, University of Memphis
Archaeology and Tennessee History
Carroll Van West, PhD
Director, MTSU Center for Historic Preservation, Tennessee State Historian
Garfish – It’s NOT What’s for Dinner!
Aaron Deter-Wolf (Tennessee Division of Archaeology) and Tanya M. Peres (Middle Tennessee State University)
TDOT Archaeology: Balancing Past and Present
Phillip Hodge
Tennessee Department of Transportation
Paleoindian Pioneers of the Upper Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee
Jay Franklin
East Tennessee State University
Shake it like a Turtle Shell Rattle
Andrew Brown
University of North Texas
The First Tennesseans: Coats-Hines Site
Jesse Tune
Texas A&M University
Big Ideas at the C.H. Nash Museum at Chucalissa
Robert Connolly
C.H. Nash Museum at Chucalissa
The Ancient Native American Blowgun in the Southeast
Tracy C. Brown
Archaeology in Tennessee Blog
Who was Buried at Grassmere Plantation?
Shannon Chappell Hodge
Middle Tennessee State University
An Archaeology of Sunday in Black and White
Phillip Hodge
Pickett Chapel Community Archaeological Project
A Visit to Mound Bottom
Aaron Deter-Wolf
Tennessee Division of Archaeology
The 2014 Tennessee Archaeology Awareness Month Poster!
Tanya M. Peres
President, Tennessee Council for Professional Archaeology
Magnolia Valley Field School
Jesse Tune
Texas A&M University
All about that LiDAR
Zada Law
Fullerton Laboratory for Spatial Technology, Middle Tennessee State University
Advice from the Trenches-Literally: Learning and Networking Opportunities in Tennessee
Nathan Allison
Excavation of a Mid-Nineteenth Century Cemetery at the Nashville Zoo
Larry McKee and Hannah Guidry
TRC Environmental Corporation
State Archaeology 101
Sarah Levithol
Tennessee Division of Archaeology
Early Domestic Dogs in Tennessee
Meagan E. Dennison
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Archaeological Survey of Rosenwald Schools in Tennessee
Ben Nance
Tennessee Division of Archaeology
Dig and Dine: Introducing the Rutherford County Archaeological Research Program to the community
Laura Fyock Bartel
The Pinson Environment and Archaeology Regional Landscape (PEARL) Project Begins with Non-invasive Technology
Alice P. Wright (Department of Anthropology, Appalachian State University) and Sarah C. Sherwood (Sewanee Environmental Institute, The University of the South)
Archaeology of the Mississippian Pile Mound Site, Upper Cumberland Plateau
Jay Franklin
East Tennessee State University
The French Lick Site at Sulphur Dell: An Example of Urban Archaeology in Nashville
Hannah Guidry
TRC Environmental Corporation
Archaeology in Middle Tennessee in the 1960s and 70s
John T. Dowd
The 1993 Rutherford-Kizer Mound Site Excavations
Michael C. Moore
State Archaeologist and Director, Tennessee Division of Archaeology
Teaching Near-Surface Geophysics at the Magnolia Valley Field School
Timothy S. de Smet
Texas A&M University
Archaeological Research at the Perry House Site in Knox County, Tennessee
Paul Avery
Cultural Resource Analysts, Inc.
Archaeological Survey of Big South Fork
Mark M. Crawford III
Williamson County Archaeological Society
30 Days of Tennessee Archaeology 2014 – the Day After
Tanya M. Peres
Middle Tennessee State University