Research Awards History

Since 2007, the Tennessee Council for Professional Archaeology has provided an annual program of small grants to support archaeological investigations and research within the State of Tennessee. This program is open to all students, researchers, and cultural resource management professionals conducting archaeological investigations within the state and who are TCPA members in good standing. The TCPA is pleased to have supported the following archaeological projects through the Research Awards program:


Recipient: Kathryn Proctor, University of Memphis
Project: Assessing the Application of Soil Phosphate Analysis as an Archaeological Prospection Technique at the Ames Plantation, Fayette County, Tennessee
Award amount: $400.00


Recipient: Meagan Dennison, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Project: Dental Micro-Wear Texture Analysis of Dogs from the Tennessee River Valley
Award amount: $600.00


Recipient: Kelly Ledford, Florida State University
Project: Proposal to Collect Osteometric Data from Mississippian Period Sites in Middle, TN
Award amount: $600.00


Recipient: Sierra M. Bow, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Project: Compositional Analysis of Mississippian Stone Statuary
Award amount: $600.00


Recipient: Tim de Smet, Texas A&M University
Project: Archaeological and Remote Sensing Surveys of Magnolia Valley (40RD314) Prehistoric Site in Rutherford County, Tennessee
Award amount: $600.00

Recipient: Jessica Dalton-Carriger, McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture
Project: Research Regarding the Elemental Composition of Glass Trade Beads in the
East Tennessee Valley
Award amount: $600.00


Recipient: Lucinda Langston, East Tennessee State University
Project: GIS Analysis and Spatial Patterning of Bedrock Mortal Holes on the Upper Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee
Award amount: $600.00


Recipient: Scott Jones
Project: Radiometric Dating of the Parrish Site, 40DV152
Award amount: $600.00 (AWARD RETURNED)


Recipient: Brandy Dacus, University of Memphis
Project: Exploring a Circular Feature at the Castalian Springs Site
Award amount: $595.00

Recipient: Thad Bissett, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Project: Partial Funding for Two Accelerator Mass Spectrometry
Dates from the Eva Site (40BN12), Benton County, Tennessee
Award amount: $475.00

Recipient: Eric Goddard, University of Memphis
Project: Determination of the Age of the Settlement at the Ames Complex
Award amount: $650.00 (AWARD RETURNED)


Recipient: Alice Wright, University of Michigan Museum of Anthropology
Project: Analysis of Ceramics from the Eastman Rockshelter, Tennessee
Award amount: $596.00

Recipient: Shannon Koerner and Bobby Braly, University of Tennessee Knoxville
Project: Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Date for the Toqua site
Award amount: $475.00


Recipient: Daniel Brock, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Project: Tipton-Haynes Landscape Archaeological Project
Award amount: $500.00

Recipient: Tanya Peres and Teresa Ingalls, Middle Tennessee State University.
Project: Analysis of Faunal Remains Associated with Mortuary Contexts from site 40HA301.
Award amount: $600.00


Recipient: Lucinda Langston, East Tennessee state University
Project: Radiocarbon Dating in Support of Examining Early Woodland Ceramic Typology and Chronology in Upper East Tennessee
Award amount: $600.00

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